Photo Competition


Who can enter?

This competition is open to anyone in Barnet, all you need is a camera/phone/tablet and you can get involved! 

There are two categories:

1. Culture & Communities 

This can include anything in your day-to-day life - perhaps an important person you look up to, a social group which has deep significance to you, or something from within your culture.

2. Buildings & Environment

This can include any sort of locales across the London Borough of Barnet - the place you grew up, a walking trail you use on a daily basis, or perhaps the place you met your significant other.


The prizes

There will be a winner in each category, as well as a second place and third place prize.

1st: £150
2nd: £50
3rd: £25

These prizes will be in cash, and will be presented to winners at our November AGM (date TBC).


How to enter

  • Send one digital image, to a maximum of one image in each category, with a maximum file size of 10MB to

  • Images must be sent to us in JPEG format, but can be taken in any format you choose

  • You must include your first name and telephone number as the title of the image i.e Peter02083492222

  • The subject of the email should be 40 Photo Competition

  • In the main part of the email please include your full name, address and contact details (these will not be displayed publicly) and a brief description of the photo.

The competition is open for entries from Monday June 3 and will close on Monday September 30. We encourage anyone and everyone to get involved, from avid photographers to those who like to take a quick snap on their phone - the possibilities are endless.


You can find the full terms, conditions and rules of the competition here. Please read this document before participating.  By entering this competition you agree to have read the terms and conditions.


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