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About Us

January 14, 2021 01:39 PM

Barnet Health Champions   COVID-19 continues to impact all of us in Barnet. Become a Barnet Health Champion to ensure everyone living in Barnet has the information they need to stay safe and healthy.  After signing up, Champions will recei...

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CommUNITY Barnet

Business Development


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Contact Helen:

020 8364 8400 ext 0210  | helen.harte@communitybarnet.org.uk




CommUNITY Barnet



Julie Pal is CommUNITY Barnet’s CEO. She has been working for the organisation since 2013 and overseen its radical transformation from a small, local infrastructure organisation to a multi-borough, award winning membership organisation with a national reputation. Supported by an ambitious board of trustees, a senior leadership team with a can-do attitude and a broader staff team passionate about delivering first-class services enables Julie to explore interesting and exciting opportunities for CommUNITY Barnet to allow it to spread its wings to reach as many people, communities and organisations as possible. Following her appointment to CommUNITY Barnet she was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Contact Julie:

020 8364 8400 ext 0215  | julie.pal@communitybarnet.org.uk



CommUNITY Barnet

Head of Development


Selina works on planning, strategy, fundraising and partnerships. She has led award-winning health and social care teams and national volunteer and social policy programmes, with young people and local communities. Selina attends senior level meetings to promote the excellent work of the community sector, to create partnerships and learn good practice and to help develop new projects and activities. She loves working together as a team, as part of diverse communities.


Contact Selina:

020 8364 8400 ext  | selina.rodrigues@communitybarnet.org.uk

Laptops and WIFI Needed for Barnet Children

CommUNITY Barnet is working in partnership with Middlesex University, local businesses, and schools to provide much-needed laptops to school pupils in Barnet.

With continuing uncertainty around when schools will reopen, education for many has switched to online lessons. But Barnet children and young people from low-income families struggle because they lack laptops and/or WIFI. This digital poverty gap is growing daily, and with your help, we can definitely change that.

We reached out to local schools and families to find out what they needed, and we were stunned by the responses we received.

 “I share my work laptop with my son; it’s extremely stressful, especially if we both need to use it simultaneously. Often, he works on my mobile. I feel guilty as a parent like I am harming his future.” Single Parent, Barnet

“We have three children, with one device between them; online classes are impossible. As a family, we are at a loss, and our children are extremely stressed. I am struggling to cope.” Barnet Family

Since the last lockdown, we have succeeded in getting 40 children online and helped another 40 with 24GBs of prepaid data. We continue to fundraise to provide WIFI access and work with providers to get access to online resources.

Do you have an old laptop or tablet currently gathering dust in your home that you could donate? If so, we really need to hear from you. 

Working in partnership with Middlesex University and local schools, we are reaching out for your help to collect and refurbish your old laptops and tablets that we will clean down and refurbish. This equipment will then be distributed through schools to young people that desperately need your help. 

Digital Poverty means 

  • No access to online classes
  • No access to online resources
  • No peer group support. 

By bringing together local businesses, organisations, communities, and schools, we can drive change and achieve a fair and equitable education for people experiencing hardship and isolation.


Please email connectkids@communitybarnet.org.uk



Young People Thrive

CYP IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner


Rebecca is a Child and Young People’s Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner with a Post Graduate qualification from UCL and the Anna Freud Centre. She has worked in this role within clinical settings: CAMHS( NHS) and primary and secondary schools. Her work experience of over 10 years has given her an understanding and a sensitivity to the emotional developments and needs of children and young people. She offers psychological support, based on the principles of CBT, for children and adolescents with mild to moderate mental health difficulties, including anxiety, low mood and common behavioural difficulties. She loves most about her job the collaborative process with the young people, and the knowledge that we are both working towards a real change!


Contact Rebecca:

020 8364 8400 ext 0259 | rebecca.shaw@communitybarnet.org.uk


CommUNITY Barnet

Romanian and Eastern European Network Services Manager


Cecilia Petre joined Community Barnet in April during the first lock-down as a volunteer for The Romanian and Eastern European Hub. Since then, Cecilia has taken over the roles of coordinator for the Hub and more recently started to manage the operational delivery of The Ro-EE Network. As part of her role, she is leading a team of volunteers and working with local organizations and groups to deliver the priorities identified by the Romanian and Eastern European Network. Cecilia has a degree in Psychology from her native Romania and a MA in Special Education and Inclusion from UCL’s Institute of Education. She is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.


Contact Cecilia:

020 8364 8400 ext  | cecilia.petre@communitybarnet.org.uk


Young People Thrive

CYP IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner


Aleksandra is involved in creating, moderating and delivering online wellbeing webinars to school and university students on a range of mental health topics. She also delivers one-to-one sessions equipping young people with CBT techniques to help them manage and improve their psychological health. Aleksandra loves meeting all the amazing young people and helping them to discover something new about themselves. Seeing how the support of her team can help them to get through difficult times and come out stronger is incredibly motivating and inspiring - she always learns something new from them too!


Contact Aleksandra:

020 8364 8400 ext  | aleksandra.paksina@communitybarnet.co.uk



The 1-2-1 support we provide is based on the IAPT Improving Access to Psychological Therapy model. We deliver free evidence-based psychological therapies by wellbeing practitioners. 

We help by providing brief, goal-focused interventions to young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties causing distress and impacting day-to-day life. 

These sessions include but are not limited to psycho-educational information, identifying challenging negative automatic thoughts, behavioural action; problem-solving; sleep hygiene; and guided self-help activities. 



Barnet 18-25 mental health services:

Low mood

August - Thursday 2nd, Sunday 14th, Thursday 25th 2022



August - Thursday 4th, Tuesday 16th, Sunday 28th 2022


Social anxiety

August - Sunday 7th, Thursday 18th, Tuesday 30th 2022


Dealing with procrastination

July - Thursday 28th 2022

August - Tuesday 9th, Sunday 21st 2022


Worry Management

July - Sunday 31st 2022

August - Thursday 11th, Tuesday 23rd 2022


Middlesex University Webinars: 

Employability – How to Harness Setbacks Positively and Managing Stress

3rd and 17th February 3rd and 17th March 2022

Look at how to harness setbacks positively and stress management. We will deliver these sessions in collaboration with university staff. Our session on stress management will include what stress is, why stress management is essential, stress management tips and how you can translate skills you learn now into the workplace.

Relearning Healthy Habits –  Keeping a Healthy Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

10th and 24th February 10th and 24th March 2022

These are sessions on living well and maintaining a healthy emotional and mental wellbeing. The focus will be on the broader topics on living well, including nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical activity and setting routines. In addition, we will signpost students to the student wellbeing service for more in-depth routine and time management support. 




Webinars are 60-minute interactive sessions delivered by a wellbeing practitioner and accessed by your smartphone, tablet or laptop in the comfort of your own space. They are completely anonymous - you can see and interact with the practitioner, but no one else can see you. On offer to help you learn strategies and tools to build your resilience during this unprecedented time are the topics: coping with social isolation, dealing with procrastination, managing stress, and worry management.


Registering for the Webinar

To make sure you get the right help, we ask that you complete the 'Your details' form and 2 questionnaires. The questions are about your general health and wellbeing and are completely confidential. Please allow 15 minutes to complete the questionnaires, and you may benefit from doing this is in a quiet space if one is available to you.






If you have any questions, please call Zoe Kattah on 07809 342 939 (lines operated Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm). Outside of these times, please email zoe.kattah@communitybarnet.org.uk.

We will treat any personal information that you provide to us or obtain from you following the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. For more details about our privacy policy.