January 18, 2018 04:20 PM

Are you struggling to keep to your diet? Need help maintaining healthy living?

It’s cold, dark and windy outside and you’re watching TV, reading a book or surfing the net. All is calm. Suddenly, those urges and temptations are sitting on your shoulder and tempting you to give up the diet or healthy lifestyle. At this time of year, it’s all too easy to give into those urges.


Sound familiar? If you live in Barnet, help is available via the Healthy Living programme.


What do you mean by Healthy Living? Is that a programme for fitness enthusiasts and food snobs?


No, our Healthy Living Programme is suitable for all of you, especially if you’re struggling to maintain a diet or healthy living plan.


It is an innovative, easy to use, online intervention delivered by accredited clinicians to help you to maintain a healthy diet and suitable and achievable exercise choices. The aims of the Healthy Living programme are simple and include

· Helping you to identify the factors that contribute to your difficulties with maintaining healthy eating and exercising strategies

· Show you how to better manage those urges and cravings


Interested and want to make a difference? So, how do you take part?


The Healthy Living Programme is free and delivered using webinar technology.


What is a webinar I hear you ask?

It is an on-line, interactive presentation or workshop allowing participants in different locations to see and hear a presenter, ask questions and answer polls. Participating is easy and you just need access to the internet via a smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Worried about confidentiality?

Don’t worry because during the online sessions, you remain anonymous i.e. other participants cannot see or hear you.


You don’t have to ask questions – if you wish, you can just sit back with a cuppa and listen to the presenter. It is up to you and there isn’t any pressure to join in with the questions.


And best of all, the Healthy Living module is available free of charge to all Barnet residents.


The next session starts Monday 29 January 2018 at 8pm.


And if you’re busy on Monday evening, you can still register and watch the recording at another date/time convenient to you.


Take that first step towards healthy living and register today. Further details are available here.

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Thursday, 18 January, 2018
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