August 05, 2021 09:36 PM

CommUNITY Barnet Giving - Grants Awarded

We are proud to announce that CommUNITY Barnet has successfully delivered £150,00 in National Lottery Community Fund in partnership with Barnet Giving to support local charities. We are one of the first organisations to have been given this responsibility, and we are pleased to report that our work has helped a wide range of community initiatives.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery Community Fund stated: “By working alongside these expertly placed funding programmes, such as CommUNITY Barnet Giving, and relying on their local knowledge and network of contacts, we can ensure National Lottery funding reaches more charities and community projects.”

Julie Pal, CEO of CommUNITY Barnet, said: “CommUNTY Barnet saw that many people and communities were suffering through the lockdown. We knew that more funding was needed to reach people in need.”

When allocating funding, we prioritised smaller organisations that focus on poverty, community connections and physical and mental health. The 25 organisations who received the CommUNITY Barnet Giving Funding are:

As a result of this funding, girls and young women are continuing to play sports and building their confidence through football at Kick Action Academy. Similarly, Angie's Keep Calm and Sing and Starling Arts will continue to support local people and their wellbeing through outdoor and online singing activities. In addition, Pathway to Wellness' capacity to increase the delivery of essential health information and activities to vulnerable people has been strengthened – as has the Romanian Cultural Charity Together's ability to provide essential food and support with befriending, school and work. Meanwhile, Exposure will continue to enable young people to express themselves and their concerns through online art as well as providing training and experience in the creative industries. Live Unlimited will also continue their service and provide professional networking opportunities for young looked after children and care leavers.

We will continue to provide updates in upcoming newsletters as well as on our social media accounts.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for enabling these organisations to continue their work.

News date: 
Thursday, 5 August, 2021
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