BYPT Conversations

Brent Young People Thrive invites you to BYPT Conversations, where we will come together to have an open, honest and safe discussion about mental health in young people and what we can do to empower ourselves to survive in an increasingly chaotic world. In particular we'll be talking about Black mental health in the wake of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Anti-Black racism has never gone away and can be found across society, but we've seen the conversation being spotlighted once again following a series of police murders of Black people in the US, as well as a continued legacy of police and governmental racism in the UK. Anti-Black racism can take a huge toll on mental health and so it's incredibly important that we break down the stigmas surrounding discussions on mental health and start working together to care for each other and our communities. We hope that this conversation can be a part of the process of breaking down the stigma.

  • We'll hear from professionals, such as Charmaine Taylor, about what we can do to protect our mental health, and learn some insights into how we can safeguard our mental health in the face of crises and in everyday living.
  • We'll have breakout rooms where you'll be free to share your experiences and coping strategies while listening to other young people. We aim to make this a safe space, so no one will need to share anything that they don't want to.
  • All participants will be sent resources including people and groups to contact if you want more help and support looking after your mental health.

We really hope young people will come to this session so that we can work together to end the stigma around Black mental health.

We want to provide a safe and open environment where you can share your thoughts and experiences and break down the barriers that surround mental health.

Date: Tuesday 22 September 2020

Time: 6.30pm to 8pm

Location: Zoom

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