March 30, 2015 09:06 AM

Financial Services

We offer professional and affordable services to help the community and voluntary organisations meet their statutory obligations and manage themselves well.
Our qualified and experienced team can deal with technical accounting issues and provide a friendly voice on the phone when you need some advice.

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Independent Examination

An independent examination is a simpler form of scrutiny than an audit and provides stakeholders with an assurance that a charity’s accounts have been independently reviewed. Charities with an income of over £25,000 that opt not to have an audit must have to have an examination, as defined by the Charity Commission.

At Community Barnet, you will receive a comprehensive review of your charity’s accounting records which may highlight additional advice and support to improve your financial management. Our independent examiner will gain an understanding of your charity, review the accounts and supporting documents and write an independent report to accompany the accounts and Trustees’ report. As part of our service, you will receive:

  • An independent examination of you accounts (up to £250,000 income)
  • Prepared year-end accounts in the right format
  • A signed independent examiner’s report where required
  • Help to submit your charity annual return
  • Advice and guidance to effectively manage your finances

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Bookkeeping and Financial Systems

Keeping a ‘proper’ record of your finances plays a vital part in running your organisation. Our Accounting Advisers can provide you with information, guidance, and templates on a range of subjects including:

  • Setting up a book-keeping system and internal financial controls
  • improving existing financial systems
  • operating a petty cash system
  • documents you need to keep to back up your financial transactions
  • reconciling your bank account statements
  • choosing a bank account
  • accounting for both restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • Advice on Accounting Software such as XERO, SAGE and QuickBooks

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Payroll Services

We at Community Barnet provide fast, reliable payroll services designed to work with any type of business. We understand that every company is unique. We take great care in listening and understanding your different payroll processing requirements in order to design highly customised payroll services that match your needs.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Good financial planning plays a key part in the overall management and future sustainability of your organisation. It helps inform the decisions of your management committee and highlight financial problems early on.

Our Accounting Advisers provide support in a variety of ways including:

  • guidance for preparing basic budgets and cash-flow forecasts
  • what costs to consider when budgeting for a new project or grant application
  • allocating overheads and using full cost recovery principles
  • what to think about when producing financial reports for the committee
  • understanding your year-end accounts figures
  • what to consider when setting a target figure for reserves.

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