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Health and Social Care Services in Barnet, Brent and Newham

CommUNITY Barnet are very proud of their commitment to health and social care services through the delivery of contracts with Barnet, Brent and Newham Councils. 

Healthwatch is here to help local people get the best out of their health and social care services. Our vision is that residents can contribute to the development of quality health and social care services in their Borough. Healthwatch staff and volunteers will represent the experiences and views of patients and service-users. To find out more please click on the links below and you will be taken to the respective websites.

Community Barnet was proud to deliver an award winning Healthwatch Barnet for seven years from its’s inception in 2013 until the end of March 2020 and has provided a high-quality service; listening to the needs of residents and patients and working with stakeholders from across the borough to make positive changes. This annual report highlights the work Healthwatch Barnet delivered during the year ending March 2020. By being a bridge between commissioners, service providers and the public, we have been able to make meaningful changes to the implementation, quality and communication of services in the borough.

This report showcases our work to March 2020 where the Healthwatch team of staff and volunteers were at the forefront of changes brought about in the health and social care services, bringing local voices and experiences to the attention of decision makers. 

We have been particularly pleased to see changes for local residents as a result of our work. This has been achieved by:

  • reaching a total of 177,629 local residents
  • reaching 68,924 residents through our partners 
  • attending 50 outreach events
  • gathering 1,600 individual views
  • registering 850 Friends of Healthwatch Barnet
  • having 1,787 followers on our social media
  • launching a brand new website

You can read our final annual report to March 2020 here


CommUNITY Barnet Primary Care Group continues to provide a wealth of experience and capacity in terms of patient engagement, supporting patient representatives and challenging and working with health and social care service in Barnet and beyond.

Our Community Barnet Primary Care Group, co-chaired by Sue Blain and Stewart Block, has led on several exciting and important projects this year with a constant emphasis on patient perspective, understanding and the communication that patients receive. Throughout the year, the group have worked productively with teams at Barnet CCG and Barnet Federated GPs as well as working directly with a dozen different practices and practice managers, to analyse and improve patient access and experience. The Primary Care Group has also led the way in helping Community Barnet offer simple, practical solutions as well as making evidence based recommendations.

Current projects include:

  • Remote Consultations Patient Information
  • Audit of GP websites in Barnet
  • Preparing materials for Self Care Week 2020

Would you like to volunteer with the Primary Care Group?

Click here for more information:


The Barnet Wellbeing Service has been developed through a collaborative process between people who use mental health services, a number of voluntary sector organisations and the statutory sector. It arose out of Barnet CCG's Reimagining Mental Health Programme, (the Breakfast Clubs and workshops associated with that process.) and it is jointly delivered from few voluntary organisations following a leading provider model. Initially, it run as a pilot from October 2016 to September 2017 and from 1st of October 2017 Community Barnet became the leading provider of the 2 year contract.

 To find out more please click on the Barnet Wellbeing Service button below and you will be taken to the website. 




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