Marley Obi

Marley’s Interest in being a CommUNITY Barnet trustee stems from having worked with the charity from August 2014 – April 2015. She found that the work she did there was not only very rewarding on a personal level, but eye opening to the immense challenges faced by the organisation, and the need to ensure that it’s supported accordingly to continue the critical service it provides to the voluntary sector in Barnet. In addition to the work Marley did at CommUNITY Barnet, she also has extensive experience of communications within the private sector and a background in journalism. These are skills she can bring to the board in particular with regards to helping the charity defining and marketing its traded services and measuring impact. Marley believes CommUNITY Barnet is uniquely placed to provide support, expertise and training to the voluntary and community sector in Barnet, and would like to volunteer on the board to support the team as they provide this valuable service to the community.

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