Michael Lassman - Chair of Business Development

Michael has over 30 years experience following an equality and diversity agenda, honing his skills at developing connections with and between people. He works to enable improved communication, the foundation upon which successful working communities are built, both offline and online. This conviction has influenced his work as a diversity practitioner, for which he is driven by a sense of fairness and equality for society at large and within the workplace, helping to develop and strengthening teams and to heal difficult or dysfunctional relationships.

Supporting the growth of online communities is a passion, which has led him to become a serious blogger, an effective user of many social media platforms and an established LinkedIn trainer and strategist. Michael set up Equality Edge in 2006 as a response to the ongoing problems in the workplace of inequality, discrimination and harassment. He enables people to see the position of ‘the other’ in disputes and conflicts. As co-founder of Communities Online, Michael works with clients to help them achieve improved communication, transferring their face-to-face networking skills into their chosen online platform. The two areas of his work, diversity and online communication are closely connected in their execution and outcome; they both result in improved contact between people and, in organisations, improved performance, productivity and bottom-line success.

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