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Most parents and carers want to raise confident happy children. Sometimes the day to day challenges in life mean that parents can struggle to manage their children’s behaviours, maintain healthy warm relationships with them and be happy. Most parents simply want to feel confident enough to raise happy, confident children.

At Community Barnet, we recognise that parenting is extremely important and yet it can be a tough, sometimes thankless job. We are dedicated to providing parents, carers and their families the right tools and support when they need it most. We offer a range of evidence based parenting programmes that help parent develop skills, access information and advice and signpost them to the right services.

Our Parenting Offer:

 Incredible Years

This is an evidence based parenting programme that helps parents build on their skills. It helps children develop their academic, social and emotional skills and reduce conduct problems. Children also learn communication and persistence skills which helps build their resilience. This 12 week programme is designed to help parents develop positive parenting strategies and assist them in managing children’s behaviour problems. You can visit their website here.

 Solihull Approach to Understanding your Child

The Solihull Approach is a 10 week universal parenting intervention for any parent with a child between the ages of 0 and 18. The Solihull Approach emphasises containment, reciprocity and behaviour management. Parents identify personal goals and the strategies that will help meet them, and reflect on their child’s behaviour and their relationship with their child. More information can be found here

 Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) is an inclusive 13-week evidence-based parenting programme, designed to promote protective factors which are associated with good parenting such as developing warm and close parent-child relationships, promoting self-discipline and self-esteem, as well strategies for anger management to ensure better outcomes for children. This programme helps parents raise healthy successful children, find out more here

 Bespoke programmes

We can also tailor parenting support for groups and individuals to meet specific parenting needs.

We have a team of experienced community based facilitators and volunteers who work towards providing a warm and welcoming environment to the families we support. Our facilitators also speak a range of community based languages.

We work in close partnership with local schools and Children Centres, voluntary and community organisations, statutory providers including CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services), The Nurse Partnership and Barnet Children’s Service.

Parents who attend our programmes learn new parenting skills; learn from each other and make new friends; increase in self-confidence or simply build new social networks that help reduce isolation.

If you are a parent/carer and would like to attend a programme or professional who would like to make a referral please contact us. If you would like to discuss the possibility of us working in partnership in your community, school or service, do get in touch with Zoe at




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