January 17, 2017 09:03 AM

Become a Member

As a member of CommUNITY Barnet you will have access to a wealth of professional support to help you manage and grow your organisation. 

What membership offers you:

  • representation at local, regional and national levels
  • advice and information for voluntary and community groups
  • help for new or existing groups to develop
  • support and access to funding advice, policy development, best practice and training
  • a regular newsletter packed with local and national news from the third sector, events, new legislation, training opportunities, and fundraising information
  • the opportunity to promote your activities via our website, newsletter, networking events and bulletins and social media
  • access to our signposting and resources service 
  • voting rights at our AGM

By becoming a member of CommUNITY Barnet your organisation will create a stronger voice for the voluntary and community sector in our borough. Membership is free and once you have signed up you will automatically start to receive our monthy newsletter. 

Sign up and start benefitting from our services

For any queries, please contact us on 020 8364 8400 ext.209 or email members@communitybarnet.org.uk