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Community Barnet Primary Care Group

Primary Care Group


The Primary Care Group (PCG) consists of around a dozen volunteers who are interested in ways that they can assist Barnet Primary Care service providers to improve their services to patients. The PCG co-chaired by Sue Blain and Stewart Block, has led several exciting projects this year with a constant emphasis on patient perspective, understanding and the communications that patients receive.  Throughout the last year, the group have worked productively with teams at Barnet CCG and Barnet Federated GPs as well as working directly with a dozen different practices and Practice Managers, to analyse and improve patient access and experience. The Primary Care Group has also led the way in helping offer simple, practical solutions as well as recommendations. This includes:

  • Having a summary of services printed in LBB’s Barnet First magazine distributed to all Barnet households
  • Developing a simple poster and leaflet to help patients in Barnet control their referrals
  • Working with NHS 111 to help Barnet practices create improved out of hours communications


Past Events:


Self Care: Live Self Care for Life
On Wednesday 18th November 2020, we hosted the Self Care: Live Self Care for Life event which brought together speakers from all over Barnet and North Central London to talk about the information and services that can help residents and their families look after themselves and their health. We were joined by an array of speakers including local commissioners, a Barnet GP, Community Pharmacists, Social Prescribers, a Dietician, Exercise Coordinators, Cancer Screening Managers and many more.
For more information about the event and links to some of the up to date Self Care resources click here



Recent work:


Out of Hours report
We wanted to see how many GP surgeries have good, accessible and coherent out-of-hours messages, and to identify where improvements could be made across the borough. In the report we highlighted the performance of each GP surgery’s answerphone message against our criteria and developed a suggested answerphone message template for all GP surgeries, to ensure consistency. We found a mixed level of communications from Barnet GPs and worked are working with NHS 111 and Barnet Federated GPs to focus on a borough-wide response.
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GP Patient Access report
The Primary Care Group volunteer team used the National GP Patient Survey data published on 11 July 2019 to identify any correlation between the size of the practice and the degree of satisfaction the patient experiences when making appointments; compare the satisfaction scores with the experience of making these appointments from 2018 to 2019 and identify factors which might affect the ease with which patients make an appointment. This was done through data analysis and a series of structured interviews with several Practice Managers from GP practices. To preserve anonymity, we have not named any practices, but are extremely grateful to the Practice Managers who gave up their time to see us for this project. These findings, suggesting good practices to be considered, were shared with our primary care partners and in the public report.
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2019 Website Review
The Primary Care Group again reviewed all 52 GP websites in 2019 to see if the information on EAS appointments is consistent across all GP websites. All practices are required to have a website although the quality, consistency and maintenance of each GP practice in Barnet varies to a large extent. This report sets out which websites set out the relevant information for patients clearly and which do not and makes some further recommendations about GP websites in Barnet.
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Current projects include:


Remote Consultations Patient Information
We have developed an information sheet for the patient or carer, to understand and prepare for a remote consultation with their health professionals. More and more consultations are offered online in support of the New Normal working processes.
Read more and download the sheet here


Audit of GP websites in Barnet


Preparing materials for Self Care Week 2020



Would you like to volunteer with the Primary Care Group?


Much of the work the Primary Care Group relates to GP Practices but we also look at for example, dental and pharmacy services, and any issues relating to primary care.


The main activities for the PC Group volunteers are:

•        Identify primary care issues to be brought to the group for further discussion

•        To participate in discussions about primary care services and how the group can assist in improving these.

•        To plan and carry out research and investigations into Primary Care services in Barnet.

•        To assist in sharing ‘Good Practice’ with services of interested parties.

•        To assist in outreach work with community groups to investigate any issues they are facing.

•        To keep engaged with public opinion and needs and identify trends in Primary Care-related services.


The volunteer group meets monthly and is supported by the Head of Health and Social Care at Community Barnet.


For more information please contact:

primarycaregroup@communitybarnet.org.uk or rory.cooper@communitybarnet.org.uk