June 13, 2019 02:52 PM

Hub Connections - July 16, 2019

Hub Connections is a quarterly event hosted by the Barnet Wellbeing Service, where service users, service providers, health commissioners and other stakeholders come together to showcase and celebrate general wellbeing, as well as the voluntary and community services which support Barnet residents.


At each Hub Connections we provide updates on the status of the Barnet Wellbeing Service, provide a platform for other local organisations to display their services to a wider audience, and host powerful presentations from mental health service users who discuss their own personal journeys. 


The next Hub Connections will be held on Tuesday July 16, and will provide a new format for guests where you will be able to consult directly with mental health services and provide feedback about how YOU want to interact with them.


If you want to make your voice heard and have an impact on the future of mental health services in Barnet, make sure you come along! All of this will be followed by a free lunch.


This event is free and open to the general public, so please come along and get involved. Book your place now at bit.ly/HubConX