January 17, 2017 09:02 AM


Partnership Working for Stronger Communities

CommUNITY Barnet works closely with a range of partners from all sectors to achieve its mission and vision for organisations and individuals throughout the boroughs we work in. Partnership working allows us to utilise collective skills and experience to add depth and breadth to our community impact and help build resilient communities. 

Working with statutory partners and organisations has enabled us to develop partnership working with other organisations, the Barnet Wellbeing Service and the charity partners of Healthwatch being a key example. This innovative project harnesses the offer from the voluntary sector and statutory partners for a better outcome for the residents of Barnet.

We are particularly proud of our work with corporate partners, which has enabled us to do a huge amount of work to improve capacity within the borough. In particular our work around social enterprise which brings together the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector with the ethos and values of public service, and the drive and commitment of the third sector.

If you are a corporate company that want to deliver impact and drive change in the community you work in and want to develop your Corporate Social Responsibility, talk to us today.