August 05, 2020 05:20 PM

Remote Consultations Patient sheet

This sheet is for the patient or carer, to understand and prepare for a remote consultation with their health professionals. More and more consultations are offered online in support of the ‘New Normal’ working processes.














Suggestions for how the sheet can be accessed and used:


1.       To recommend that the sheet is available to patients on the practice website

2.       This could be mentioned to patients on booking the online/telephone appointment

3.       It could be emailed to all patients and have full, simple and clear instructions on how to log in to the doctor,

4.       It could provide a useful guide on how to present their medical problem

5.       The form could also be used to record (in writing) the outcome of their consultation

6.       It could be a record for the patient with a reminder of when to book their next appointment

7.       To be given out by doctors and nurses who feel a patient may need weekend or Out of Hours advice

8.       To be part of a programme of information communicated to patients via Patient Participation Groups & GP staff

9.       To be given to all newly registered patients



Further information for patient


This sheet is to help you, the patient or carer, to understand and get the most out of a remote consultation with your doctor.  With a little preparation, you can be confident when speaking to the doctor and present your symptoms in a clear and organised way. This form is to help you achieve that.  If you have been directed by the practice to the computer triage program (eg e-consult), you will have gone through an online program about your health and answered questions about your current medical problem. You may also like to note your answers on this form so you have the information in front of you for when you receive a call from the doctor. Sometimes the reply may be in the form of an email or a text message.


Try to ensure you have privacy for your remote medical appointment with your GP, find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed, that your phone is charged, microphone is activated and your computer is on, and that you have a pen to note the outcome of your consultation. You should also ask the doctor what to do if the connection is broken. If you feel the doctor may need to see you on a video, it is helpful to have another person available to hold your camera or you may be asked to submit a landscape photo in advance of the consultation if you have rash or a spot. Please do this with a ruler or coin in the picture so that dimensions can be estimated.  It will not affect your consultation if you are unable to do this.  The process for remote consultation is compliant with GDPR.



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