Schools - Ending Digital Poverty

Ending Digital Poverty in Schools. 

We know just how hard you are working on getting all of your children and young people online. We also understand that resources are limited, and we want to help. In partnership working with 4Ways Solutions, we gather laptops from dusty corners across homes and businesses in Barnet. 4Ways Solutions will data cleanse all laptops and tablets and load the right operating system for your school. We will then deliver these devices to you to distribute to your students. 

What do you need to do?

1. Let us know your needs, how many devices you need and what operating system you are working with, i.e., Chrome Books, Microsoft Windows, etc

2, What are your students' WIFI needs? 

3. Once the devices have been delivered to your school, they will become the school's property, and you will be responsible for checking they are ready and safe to be used by your pupils before issue. 

4. Put out a device appeal through your website, social media, newsletters asking for donations. We can work with you to ensure they are data cleaned and ready to use. Devices donated directly to your school will be reserved for your school. 

What will we do?

By working with schools across Barnet, we will prioritise schools with the greatest need.  Once the devices have been data cleaned, they will be ready to pass onto your school at no cost to you. 

You can contact us here to let us know what your needs are. 



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